Saturday, January 30, 2010

More stuff from Laura Jean's studio

Oh....Laura Jean is my mom!

So recently my mom has been expanding on her creativity in her studio and I have been lucky enough to be on the receiving end for some of her designs!

The first item up is this amazing black & white scarf! My mom has knitted me scarves in the past, but since she really is a quilter at heart, she turned out this beautiful reversible scarf for me!Please click on the picture for a more detailed view.

Below is a photo that shows the other side of the scarf. It's a combo of roller coaster fabric and flower print! How fun is that?!

The next amazing Quilted wonder is a mug caddy. Once again, I'm sorry that blogger is being evil by showing this picture on it's side. Now it doesn't look like much when it's laid out (aside from the amazing fabric...

But when you put it inside a mug (or in my case, a cup) it adds extra organization and flare!

For the Grand Finale, I present you with this gorgeous gemstone bracelet.

Now, for those with a keen eye, you'll notice that all the stones here are real and not plastic/faux reproductions. The reason for this amazing creation was a special request from me to my mom. You see, stones have wonderful metaphysical properties and when you combine certain stones with others, it can amplify those properties. You might be skeptical, but they really do give you a boost if you allow them too. If you still have doubts, you can think of it like a placebo where it will only work if you believe it will.

So the main reason for this compilation was the want for more love, romance and friendships in my life. The last time I wore a bracelet with rose quartz beads on it, I ended up meeting and dating a great guy for 3 months. Since that bracelet bit the dust a long time ago I thought it would be nice to get a better one.

Enter my mom. Mom has been turning out beautiful beaded jewelery lately and knowing her (and her massive supply of stones) I knew I could turn to her for beautiful piece of jewelry with some love & friend boosting properties. I told her I wanted Amethyst and rose quartz to enhance romance and friendships, but that she could add to it and design it. Below, I have outlined what each stone is and what their properties are.

1. Turquoise - healing stone. Attracts friendships, luck, and happiness. Keeps you truthful to yourself. (it happens to be one of my favorites and will help boost finding new people and add luck to my romantic search).

2. Amethyst - calmness, clarity, intuition, protection. (when combined with rose quartz, it boosts loving properties).

3. Labradorite - strengthens the will and inner strength and convictions. It reveals your true path. (this will boost my chances by keeping me going in the right direction)

4. Turquoise - (see #1)

5. Moonstone - Opens the spirit to the feminine aspect. Draws love and helps in interpersonal relationships. Acts as protection for women. (these are strategically placed next to stones to boost their qualities. The best stone is in the center).

6. Amethyst - (see #2)

7. Jade - wisdom, mercy, humility, generosity, peace, and harmony. Protective and lucky when worn as jewelry. (this is an extra boost to keep myself open minded and aid in luck)

8. Fresh water pearl - beauty, faithfulness, humility, innocence, integrity, modesty, purity, refinement, wisdom, and wealth. (another enhancement stone to keep me true to myself).

9. amethyst - (see #2)

10. Quartz - the greatest of all healing stones. Acts as an amplifier for psychic energy and aids meditation and visualization. (this will help amplify the rose quartz)

11. Moonstone - (see #5)

12. Rose Quartz - great for attracting love by opening the heart. Promotes self-loving and heals emotional wounds as well as promoting peace, forgiveness, and nurturing. (this is in the center to really push the romance)

I know each of these stones has multiple meanings and properties, but those were the highlights. Each of these peieces were carefully picked out by my
mom for their properties and placed next to stones to help enhance the energy. The rose quartz has a hidden rainbow when shown in sunlight, the amethyst is a rich purple (the darker the color, the more complex and powerful the stone), pure fresh water pearls that aren't dingy, a big hunk of rose quartz to boost my romance, a brilliant cut of moonstone.....I mean, she put so much heart into this bracelet.

When I wear it, I feel a new sense of confiden
ce. It has already boosted the slump I was in and has prompted me to get out there! Thanks again mom, I can't wait to see what new people it brings into my life! (Again, sorry for the side ways photo)!

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  1. Wow, great stuff! Your mom is so talented and creative. Love the scarf and that it is quilted. I've never seen a mug caddy before but that looks very useful. Thanks for all the info on the stones because I didn't know that.

    Hope you have a great rest of the weekend!