Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My mother's Studio

I was at my folks house this last weekend and I thought I would share with you my Mother's studio. I love my mom's studio. It's filled with wacky stuff, odds & ends, antiques and other things to keep inspired. Every time I visit I love to peek in to see what she's been working on. It's kind of cool to see a lot of myself in her studio. Guess the apple doesn't fall far. I have to tell you that my mom was concerned that her studio wasn't "clean" enough for me to take pictures to post, but I told her that a "clean" studio stifles creativity. Plus, how is this not clean??? If this is messy, I don't think I want to see what "clean" is. Would you? I didn't think so! Please click on the picture for a larger view, it's worth the close up!

This is a photo from the door way looking left. That's Buster, my parent's "Rag Doll" breed cat. Under the quilt piece on the hutch (to the right) are binders full of magazine articles that my mother has pulled for templates, ideas and inspiration. Sharing Buster's napping place is mom's state of the art (circa 1999ish) sewing machine, a computer with internet access and lots of tools. Under the desk are racks of beads, bins of fabric and many more fun supplies. Outside the window is my mother's garden where she grows fruit, vegetables, herbs and flowers (a whole other blog for another day, seriously, it puts better homes and gardens to shame). On the back fence (outside in the garden) my mom set up a trellis and hung various suns and moons she has collected. Everything from stained glass and terra-cotta, to ceramics and wooden pieces. I'm seriously bummed I didn't take a picture to show you.

this is the corner to the right of the window (see other picture above). The Egyptian quilt is one of my mother's original designs. Her whale quilt is my very favorite, but it's currently on display elsewhere. Notice the spice rack (there are a few throughout her studio). She buys old spice racks from yard sales, dumps the spices (spices are only good for 6 months before they NEED to be tossed. Seriously people dump your old spices) and she fills them with craft supplies, in this case: beads.

Who says hutches are only for the dining room to display wedding china? This is one of my mom's dumpster diving treasures. Isn't it awesome? Further more, who says canning jars are only for preserves? My mom fills them with buttons, beads, stones, funky tidbits, dried herbs and more!

These are only a FEW of my mom's helpers: Golden Retriever brothers: Jack and Bear, Molly the cow dog and Buster the cat. Not pictured are: Patience the desert tortoise (ok, she's so freakin cute she's pictured below taking a "swim" to cool off) , Shadow the other "rag doll" kitty, the fresh water fish aquarium (against the wall in my mom's studio), a lizard thing in my brother's room and the coy pond in the front yard!

I hope you enjoyed taking a peek. There is SO MUCH MORE that I didn't picture, but I thought I would give you a small taste. My "studio" (aka: area of my room takin over by projects) isn't nearly as impressive, but I like to think that I see alot of her in my room.