Monday, March 8, 2010

I'm joining a stich along!

Through my amazing friend Bryanna, I stumbled upon this uber fun stitchalong!
*click on the button for further details*

I thought to myself that I had tons of suppies stock piled away in some crappy box in the back of my closet, why not put it to use? So I hemmed (no pun intended) and hawed about it and wondered, would I actually sew a square a day? One way to find out.

So I hauled out my supplies and tried to organize things a bit: loose thread tangle? Check. Tons of floss? Check. Silk ribbon. Check. Needles, scissors, cloth, rainbow weave, hoops, sewing books? Check.

So I made a big grid of 1x1 inch squares on some wonderful fabric my buddy Bryanna sent me and saddled up the ol' hoop. Then it sat....on my desk...all afternoon....looking at me......

It was just as bad a a blank sheet of paper, a blank page in a novel, a blank canvas. It was darn right intimidating! So I turned over to Bryanna's blog for some inspiration and saw the most darling Alice ever stitched! It was so stinking delightful that I found a jumping off point! Wouldn't you know it? Out popped a lovely Cinderella!

Yes, she isn't in the first square, her stitches are random and she isn't a 1x1 inch either, but how fun is this? I used floss for her hair, skin and dress and silk ribbon for her shoulder and hip poofs! *click on the pic for a close up. Being ever cautious I waited a day to see what would happen. Would I have the desire for another day?

Presto! Day number two! what is it? I have no idea; a green amoeba, tangled ivy, splatter? Does it matter? The point was that I had fun and I enjoyed the colors!

So after square number two, I clicked over to Amy's blog and signed up! I know my stylings aren't perfect, but then again what art is? I'm not sure what direction this project will turn, but I know that I'm having fun already seeing what jumps out of my needles! Stay tuned.....


  1. oh my she is stunning... love her love her love her... wonderful job... LOVE.

  2. Cinderella is gorgeous. You have mad skillz! Can't wait to see what you do next!

  3. love her! glad you joined the fun

  4. Wow! Your Cinderella is beautiful.

  5. Thank you all for the Cindy Love! I've always loved Cinderella and just had to fashion her likeness in thread!