Saturday, April 11, 2009

Paper Doll Swap

I just signed up for a new swap on It's a very cool website if you haven't already visited. Anyways, the requirements for this swap are to go to this website: and create a doll for your partner from one of the templates. When I first saw the site it got my creative juices flowing! I was so excited that I couldn't wait for the swap so I made a proto-type. I used K&Company paper (as it is thick and sturdy and also printed on both sides) to create a mermaid. I loved the idea of having a jointed doll and the whole thing only took me a half hour to create. I love that you can pose her arms and fins. "Teach" made her do the "I'm a little tea pot" dance. It was pretty darn cute. Anyways it was so easy and turned out Amazing! The cool thing is that she is reversible. Since the paper I used for her fins, tail, clam-shells and flower are reversible, you just have to take out the brads and flip the paper to create a different look! I love these dolls and I think I will make a bunch of them to send out as thank-you gifts for people. I also copied and pasted the templates and shrunk them down to create a smaller doll.

For my partner's doll, I used "Basic Grey: Scarlet's letter" paper for her skin and the fins/tail/hair from "DCWV: All dressed up" paper line. I kick myself for not taking a picture before I mailed her out as she turned out so beautiful. Her tail was the black/white/silver/pink large polka-dots and her fins and clam-shells were the same colors, but in stripe form. I found some cute pink and black mini polka-dot ribbon given to me by my "Ro-Bot" friend and used it in her "hair" which I made out of black and pink polka-dot paper. The brad in her tail had a silver rhine-stone and the mermaid was so cute! I hope my swap partner likes her!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

How sad...

I feel sad for the hypocrites. Mostly because they spend so much energy in whatever endeavor they're dwelling on at the moment. Like a scorned lover that says she's done with her leading man forever and then turns around and stalks his every move.....that's not so bad, but when the leading man says he would never do any such thing (it having been done unto him) turns around and does it to someone else.

Why can't these simple minded folk see that they're perpetuating the cycle? Maybe that words are too big for them to understand. I find it interesting that such childish behavior comes from those trying to retaliate or get that one last jibe in. For instance a situation where you were stuck with someone and got all your anger and terse words out while in the situation and once it was over had moved on. Then perhaps 2-3 months after all is over and done with, you get a harsh letter. At first you're wondering what it's all about and then realize they were still upset and couldn't let it go after you had moved on. Sorry too little too late. You are so over with everything, but sadly realized that they weren't. They have NOTHING going on and have to track you down and jump through hoops to deliver some message as if to say "see I got the final word"? I suppose it means more to them, than it does to you. After all, if you had cut ties and communication lines to wipe your hands of a mess, you would think it would be enough to deter these childish antics.

I guess it just goads me how people who had their every movement stalked online (every blog, profile, website visited) and hated every second of it, do the same thing to someone else. I think they like the drama and attention. If they don't have something or someone to worry about they are bored and unhappy. I couldn't give two shits about who they monitor. It just shows they're vain hoping to find something on themselves to document and discuss.

I guess the moral to this odd little blog is, no matter who gets the "last word" in, you can tell who really won or who is the bigger person by their actions. If someone has already moved on from a situation why dredge it up again WAY after the fact? It shows cowerdise and childishness. Move on people..... because even if you say you have, obviously you haven't.

And this will be the last I will speak on the subject.....