Monday, March 30, 2009

Top 10 Pet Peeves with my job search

Don't you hate it when you have a kid and then everyone and their mother tries to tell you how to raise your kid? I don't have a kid, but I know the feeling. As most of you know I was laid off in November and have yet to find a job. Usually this is a pretty shitty thing, but what makes it worse is how everyone thinks they know the answer to how I can get a job. To clarify, I would like to state that I am not bitching about not having a job, I'm bitching about my search/struggle to look for a job. Yes, there is a difference. I'm not blathering on about how it sucks to be unemployed and the struggles that comes with it. I'm bitching about my frustrations with my search. Here's my top 10 biggest pet peeves with my job search:

10. People asking how I'm making ends meet: I hate to say it, but yes; I'm on unemployment. It's not the proudest moment of my life. In fact it's degrading to tell people that this is how I'm getting by, but you know what? This program was created for people like me, people who really want to work and stop mooching from the system. No I don't have a kid to feed and I'm not treating this as a vacation and I pay my taxes so I have EVERY right to this money. Probably more so than someone who likes the free ride. Do I enjoy the time off? Sure, to an extent, but when every day is the weekend, what do you have to look forward too? I'm going stir crazy here and chances are you can relate. Maybe you got reduced hours at your work, are temping or even unemployed. If not and you have a steady job, I'll stand by you and celebrate a promotion you got at work. I'm not going to pout about my situation because you may have a better one or gloat that I'm bettter off than you I'm not like that. I'm just trying to get by the best way I can.

9. Temp Agencies and Staffing firms: If you've never been to one then you have no idea how degrading it is. You show up and are asked to take competency tests in basic math and computer skills. They then evaluate your typing and software skills. After that you get interviewed and fork over your resume and are told "we'll call you". First of all, due to everyone and their brother being laid off, the temp agencies are flooded with people. This means instead of having 50 people to choose from to send out on interviews or job assignments, they now have 200+. Secondly, when you actually get an interview, you don't hear back from them if you don't get the job. Seriously, they don't call you. EVER. In fact, if you try to get a hold of your agent, you're blown off and avoided. It is in most of employment/temp policies to keep you motivated and positive and they feel being honest with you will de-motivate you. Instead of giving you the news, they wait until they can line up a temp assignment (even if it's only for a few hours) so that they can justify "sorry you didn't get the job, here's some work to tide you over". I'm not a 5 year old people, don't treat me like one.

8. People telling me to sign up with as many staffing firms as possible: Do you really think I haven 't thought of this? A close friend of mine signed up for 5 agencies and did it double her chances of interviews or send her on more jobs? No. She may have gotten 1 or 2 more interviews a month, but a lot of them were interviews for the same job. 2 different agencies telling her they had an interview lined up for her only to find out it was for the same job. Then she has to tell one agency that she's interviewing through the other one. There are so many people looking that jobs (even temp jobs) are few and far between. I know, because I call my agent a few times a week and now she's fielding my calls because she's tired of giving me the same crappy answer.

7. Hypocrites in my situation: I understand that there's a ton of people in my boat riding the wave of unemployment, but don't bitch to me about how you have no money to go do anything and how you're struggling to make ends meet and then go out and drop a wad of cash on something that is a luxury not a necessity. I understand if the water heater explodes and ruined your bed so you have to get a new one and yeah, it's probably a hell of a lot nicer than the old one, but don't decide that you suddenly need a new bed because there's a lump in the mattress. I'm sure you can wait it out and sleep with the damn lump for a few until you find something stable. Same goes for other major purchases. I have no sympathy for you because there are things I would like too. LIKE, not need and I choose to wait until I have a steady income to get them. So should you. If you have to have that major purchase, great! buy the bed or couch or whatever, but don't bitch to me how money is tight. Obviously it's not that tight if you're dropping the cash for luxury living.

6. People who ask why I don't get a job at Target or other minimum wage job: Again, you think I haven't looked into this? Look, I'm not a desperate person (not yet at least). I make more on unemployment than I would working some 40+ hour a week hard labor shitty job. I know it sounds tacky, but I would rather have some free time and play domestic goddess, than slave all day at a place that smells like the back of some soccer mom's mini-van to make less money. Wouldn't you? I know my worth and I have damn good skills that I'm not going to waste folding clothes or flipping burgers.

5. The job hunting websites:, you name it, I've searched it. What you people don't understand is that most of the jobs out there ARE NOT posted directly by the company, they now use staffing firms and temp agencies. Go ahead, go to and search "receptionist" under "orange county". Look in the lower left corner of the listing to see who posted it. I'm sure you'll see LA recruiter, SOS staffing, AppleOne employment agency, etc. .......see a trend? That's because in order to get to the jobs, you have to sign up with the employment agency or staffing firm, then realize that the ad listing was a generic one sent to lure you in.

4. Persistent people wanting to talk to me about my job search: I know you're concerned I can tell, really. You're trying to be a good friend, but you know what? If I politely tell you that I do not wish to talk about it or change the subject, TAKE THE HINT. I'm frustrated and I know you're trying to help, but guess what? you're stressing me out by reminding me how shitty it really is out there right now. Yes I'm unemployed, but I have other stuff going on in my life besides a job search.

3. People asking if I have a good resume: Thanks for asking, no I have the shittiest resume that was ever applied to paper. In fact I haven't bothered to spell check it, get awesome references or have top industry people look it over to help me revise it so that it's amazing. Again, thanks for asking.

2. Everyone giving advice on where to look for jobs: Thanks, but no thanks. REALLY, stop telling me. You don't think I haven't already looked there? Unless you have an inside person who is directly looking to hire or have the inside scoop, don't bother me with another website. I know you think you have the answer to solve all my problems, but you don't. People in my boat understand this and all their friends thought they had the answer too. Funny how we're still unemployed. I know you're trying to help, but you're really not so please stop the broken record, because I'm 99% sure I've tried it before and don't think you're the 1% who has a new perspective on it.

1. People who get offended when I give them any one of the answers above to one of their questions: If you're offended, then I'm offended that you're offended. I know you mean well, I don't know how many times I can tell you thanks, but I'm frustrated with the same questions and advice. I try to put on a smile and be really patient through my situation, but understand that if I give you realistic feedback to a suggestion you make, don't act like a hurt bunny if I'm not bending over backwards thanking you for your advice (unless it lands me a job). Please don't get huffy at me.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

various projects

So I've been working on various projects as of late. Some are successful, some...not so much. The first thing I've been really working on has been my "Green Valley" scrapbook. Green Valley is a place located in between Lake Arrowhead and Big Bear where my friends and I go camping every year in June. This year will be our 4th year in a row and I thought it would be fun to bring up my scrapbook so everyone can reminisce about previous years. Since I've been a slacker, I haven't scrapped 2007 or 2008. I want the book to be all finished for our trip so I'm making it a priority to get it done. I'm starting with 2008 and here is a picture of the title page: Make sure you click on it to get a closer look.

The entire album is done in 12x12 which is great to add in a bunch of pictures or extras, but I'm a little rusty as I have been working with 6x6 and 8x8 albums lately. I blew up the group photo, but forgot to crop it, so I used the extra space in the photo to cut out a title and I really like how it turned out.

The paper and large tag are from my current favorite paper line called "Wild Saffron" by K& Company and the beaver tag (and other critter paper used in the rest of the album) are from DCWV's new environmentally friendly paper titled "Green". The Green paper is hysterical and I was lucky enough to find a small 12x12 paper stack with matching stickers and tags all together in a kit at Target. It's odd, because I couldn't find the "kit" (or any of the other ones I saw at Target) on DCWV's website. While on the website I found out that the "kit" I got didn't include all the paper in the "Green" line, but it did have the cutest ones so it all worked out. I guess Green came out in January, but I have yet to see it at Michael's or Tall Mouse. I'm just glad that I was able to grab a hold of it when I did!

So I combined the Wild Saffron and Green line to create the 2008 layouts. Since every year in the album is done in different coordinating paper, I'm not sure which line I'll be using for the 2007 chapter. I think all the companies are stocking the stores with the newest lines, so I'm hoping to find something soon (well, before June).

Another project I did was 2 small postcard collages. They were for a 'make your own postcard swap' on swap-bot. They aren't my best work, but I had fun making them and thought they came out cute. It has been a while since I have done any collaging so I was rusty. I used some different paper scraps and pulled from my Big ass sticker collection (and by big I mean 4 binders FULL of stickers). Not bad work for 20 minutes right?

One was for a gal that liked antique/vintage stuff so I found some old looking paper and cute Victorian stickers to add around as different borders. I sought inspiration from my salt jar and ripped off the label and cut it down as I think the little Morton's salt girl is cute. The Kwepie is from My "Ro-Bot" friend. The other post card was for a spunky person who likes bright colors. I found a really neat paper scrap that looked like a water color with random ink blots. I used a mini-dictionary cut-out and highlighted words and created them in the post card (for example: "Host" is represented by the moon "hosting" a small audience. Just different things like that. There is a lot to see and look at on this bright post card, so I'm hopping that it was fun for postal workers to handle as well.

I've also been making "Thank You" and other cards to have on hand. Most of them are blank themes and fully decorated, but have a few open spaces to add in a themed sticker to easily adapt the card for whatever event it's for. I have not posted pics as I didn't feel they were super noteworthy to post. Maybe one day I'll take a group picture so you guys can see them.

The project that I was frustrated with and gave up on was my crocheted scarf. It started out pretty good, but for whatever reason began shrinking width wise. I wanted something kind of mind numbing to do in front of the TV, but it was something I had to focus on too hard to make sure I didn't skip any rows. The whole thing looked like a warped mess and I thought I could salvage it by going back and adding rows sidways, but it still looked like ass. I ended up unraveling the whole thing and found out how to crochet balls (to make into animals) and used the yarn as a template. I was going to make an owl to surprise my "ro-bot" friend, but it looked like ass and is now sitting on my book case. I really feel sorry for the critter, but I'm hoping I'll get the bug again and bust out some cute yellow baby chicks for Easter. We shall see....

That is it for now. I'll try to be more regular with my posts on here. I've been busy as of late, but it's important for me to keep up my blog. I like sharing my projects and didn't realize how fun it was to post what I've been working on. Until next time, have a great one!

Friday, March 13, 2009

HOORAY for Internet!

well, I finally have my new roommate all moved in and settled! This means I also have my internet up and running! I promise I will be posting more blogs soon! Hang in there...