Tuesday, December 11, 2012

I'm back?

Well everyone, it has been a few years and my life has been an amazing whirlwind. So I'll catch you up. I went and got me a husband! After bemoaning my state of despair with awful roommates and boyfriends who didn't measure up while treating me like crap, I threw myself into crafting, got my own apartment and decided I wasn't going to settle for "Mr. Right-now" anymore.

So, I started dating again in the spring of 2010 wearing the love charm bracelet my mom made for me shown here to see if I could find "Mr. Right". On February 9th I started talking with DH whom I met through okcupid.com a free dating website (think like Facebook, but for dating). I had a good feeling about this guy, and finally met up with him for coffee in March. A few days later my love charm bracelet broke. I was thinking about DH at the time while standing in front of the copier at work when my bracelet snapped in the center and the beads went flying. Seriously, it just broke and not near the clasp and not because of cheap threading (my mom uses heavy duty wire), but in the center of the bracelet. My friend Jennifer (later a bridesmaid in my wedding) said that maybe I didn't need the bracelet anymore, that it was a sign that I had found my true love. Well, she was right!

DH and I dated for a year and then decided to rent a beautiful little two bedroom town home in july of 2011. That November he snuck up to my parent's place to ask my dad for my hand and December 9th of last year, he proposed at our favorite restaurant. When we went back to our place, all our family was there with a surprise engagement party. A night I'll never forget. New Year's day we booked a venue and set a date and on September 15th we were married!

Pretty awesome right?

So now that I don't have to pack for a move, or plan a wedding I am ready to get back into the crafting action! Stay tuned for some upcoming posts on my newest endeavors!

Here is a picture of Donny and I on our wedding day!

                                                    September 15th, 2012 at Tivoli Too!

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