Monday, March 15, 2010

More Stiches....

Here's an update on my Stitchalong sampler!
(click for a close up)

I added a fun crab on a sandy beach (I love his little pinchers), a hootie owl on a branch with big yellow eyes, a pretty pink star (my lease favorite inchie so far), some purple lattice and a spider-webbed rose from silk ribbon. I'm kind of thinking I should have picked a theme like most of the other stylin' stichers in the stitchalong, but I'm having fun just doing my own thing! I'm curious what will pop up tomorrow!


  1. your stitches are coming along great!

  2. I like your squares, especially Cinderella. After seeing some of the fun themes I also thought I should have picked a theme. But I decided that I did have a theme - to explore and practice stitches.

  3. Oh I love the crab too - so cute!! Keep going - it's wonderful! Hugs, Tamara