Thursday, May 15, 2014


Frankie-Jeronimo is the loving name we have given to the happy snail that is embroidered on the bib of my new little bundle of joy. In our sleep deprived state of new parent-ness, my husband and I were a little giddy and self entertaining one night. "The book says we should 'give everything a name'" and that was sound advice meaning to label everyday objects around the house. "Table", "Chair", "over flowing laundry basket". However at that moment, I thought that "give everything a name" meant that I should be naming all the toys as well. Sometimes (okay most of the time) I'm not very creative when it comes to names. I'll make a new dinner and call it "Chicken bacon skillet" because that is what it is: Chicken and bacon and that is how it's cooked: in a skillet.

So after a rather exhausting day, myself tired from all day care from the baby and my husband from toiling away at his 9-5, we were talking about the latest task at hand: "give everything a name". Me to my husband: "what about this guy? The snail on the bib?". Husband after 30 seconds of hard contemplation: "Well.... I think he looks like a "Frankie-Jeronimo."

How could I refute that? The snail did look like a Frankie-Jeronimo and now when I ask for a bib, my husband will ask if I want the white one or Frankie-Jeronimo. Frankie-J almost always wins out.

Well, I'm a new mom. In my sleep deprivation, I misunderstood the full intention of giving everything a name, but as a new mom and a proud one and a stay at home one (thanks to my wonderful husband's fantastic job) I have eased off of being so hard on myself. Like wanting to blog again now that I'm at home. Wanting to blog while being on demand 24/7 seems risky, so I'll start here under my old blog banner and if things pick up, well then, I'll just expand. I fully accept the risk that I might not actually be able to keep up an active blog, but then I think that right now it's hard maintaining a one-sided conversation with a baby who can only laugh and coo back and having a blog outlet might keep my sanity going. So you never know.

It's funny...all the stuff I scoffed about while being child-free I finally get. All that advice and my know-it-all attitude while never having carried a growing baby for nine months or having to care and keep alive another human being has finally come back around. I admit it, I was wrong. My well intentioned advice to my mom friends about what they should or shouldn't be doing in the way of raising their child was just crap. While I was sleeping in late on the weekends, partying until the wee hours of the morning and able to jump down to San Diego for the weekend without a moment's notice, I'm now savoring the sweet time I have all to myself while my almost four month old baby naps for a while. That could be a half hour or 2 hour plus nap depending on the nap god's will.

So for now, I'll leave you here with the knowledge that I now have an amazing son..... and a bib named Frankie-Jeronimo.

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